Bottli – wine storage, tech services

At Bottli, we believe that no one should ever be disappointed by the taste of a wine. A good bottle is made to bring joy, and when the taste is missing, it fails to this essential mission. Bottli was born to ensure you receive only good bottles.

We dedicate our work to ensure joy comes to you in the shape of an outstanding product. We design monthly boxes delivered to your door filled with bottles selected with heart by us. Where do they come from? We’re talking about unique bottles made by little craftsmen.

See a sample of our service, click to the Bottli logo:

Through AgriAdventures we are looking after partnerships with Wine Makers and wineries who will be interesting to implement for long term flexible promotion/storage solutions, depending on their needs.

  •  acquiring more visibility and advertising on their brand
  •  inventory and storage management
  •  counterfeiting and traceability
  •  tracking in real-time

Bottli uses different technologies:

  • Smart labels (QR code, NFC, Image recognition)
  • Devices with sensors of temperature, movement, and geolocation in real-time
  • Blockchain
  • Web platform
  • Mobile

If you want to learn more, feel free to organize a conf call with the time that suits for you in the calendar

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