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Northen Adelaide Plains Food Cluster

The Northern Adelaide Plains Food Region is a premium food production area in South Australia. The area is ideally situated for intensive horticulture production as it possesses fertile red-brown sandy soils and a Mediterranean climate characterised by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

The region is home to a thriving, vibrant horticulture industry that lies immediately north of the Adelaide metropolitan area. It produces approximately 200,000 tonnes of fresh produce and over $300 million in farm gate value annually – this represents approximately a third of the production state-wide. The industry is largely comprised of family businesses – some of which have grown into multifaceted, large companies that use advanced processing techniques. The industry is fortunate to possess a skilled multicultural workforce that supplies premium products to discerning markets all over Australia and the world.

The industry has a solid foundation, but growers expressed a desire to see a greater focus on collaboration and growth: that’s where the Northern Adelaide Plains Food Cluster comes in. The Cluster is an industry-led organisation that is driving the strategic direction for the Northern Adelaide Plains with a focus on increasing profitability and sustainability for local businesses. A formal Governing Council was established in November 2018 following extensive consultation amongst stakeholders. The structure of the cluster Governing Council includes industry, industry associations, government representatives, universities and training organisations. Only industry members have voting rights on matters brought to the Council to ensure that all action meets the needs of industry.

Clusters are recognized internationally as an ideal model for creating economic growth within a constrained region such as the Northern Adelaide Plains. Our cluster is aiming to create tangible outcomes across the local community and set our region up for success in the future.

Through an industry consultation process, the following key areas of operation have been identified:

  1. Improving regional profile, appearance, and infrastructure

  2. Developing regional export markets

  3. Regional labour plan

  4. Group purchasing opportunities

  5. Value-added processing

  6. Increasing business acumen


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