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Italia Uno Adelaide Community Radio

Radio Italia Uno Adelaide

Radio Italia Uno came into existence after a long period of reflection of a group of
people who are passionate about the Italian-Australian community and look to
the future with an eye to the past.

The history of the Italian community of Adelaide is one of the most interesting chapters of Italian emigration, as community radio, Radio Italia Uno Adelaide brings connection in the community and offers exposure to local operators interested to participate and connect.

AgriAdventures Radio Program

Italian culture has ever had a deep connection with local food production, making of the regional Italian cuisine one of the most complex and seasonal oriented on the entire planet.

Radio Italia Uno Adelaide has partnered with AgriAdventures to recreate this connection in South Australia, presenting local food producers, products and food experiences, making them accessible to the local Italian community with no language barriers.

Radio Sponsors

AgriAdventures Radio program offers business Interviews, products or events promotion and is a great way for businesses to reach our Italian community as well as a possibility for us to bring our audience new and quality information about local businesses.

Signing up as Business on AgriAdventures platform, the first interview is free of charge, however, unique sponsors packages are available for you to access extending your appeal to the local Adelaide market with a customized advertisement for products, events.

Sponsors Community Radio Italia Uno Program

Community Radio

Radio Italia Uno Adelaide is a no-profit organization dedicated to bringing together the Italian/Australian community in Adelaide, maintaining Italian traditions, as well as participating in the Australian culture.


Marta is your connections with Radio Italia Uno Adelaide, responsible for sponsorship and the radio management. If interested do not hesitate to contact her you can find available times for her to contact you directly in the booking form below.

Radio Italia Uno Marta picture
Radio Italia Uno Marta picture

Or you can contact Marta directly Radio Italia Uno Adelaide

You can list at the radio program on AgriAdventures main page in the footer section here.


To purchase products and experiences

containing alcohol you need

to be 18