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Do you have concerns about the Opening borders? Are you worried your Christmas party could be cancelled due Covid?

Secure your Christmas party with one of the bespoken AgriAdventures virtual food experiences for you, your friends, or business colleagues.

You chose your style and budget, we organize and you enjoy it safe at your home!

How it works

Fill the form below where you will tell us:

  • What sort of food you are looking for: (Eg. Cheeses and wine, beers and chocolate, Gin and chocolate…)
  • Number of guests participants
  • Number of locations where deliver (delivery prices it might changes)
  • Expected date for the event
  • Expected budget per person
  • Type of payment (single or split)

We will get in contact with you with a quote:

Why chose AgriAdventures?

Dedicated delivery service
Professional development and Management

What we can do for you

Design events as per your requirements
Packaging (Safe and Recyclable)
Deliver at your doorstep
Host and management service

AgriAdventures Virtual Food experiences are educative, entertaining and are supporting local food producers, in a safe and convenient way. Enjoy your Christmas festivities stress-free with AgriAdventures.

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    Angler – Stirling Sustainable Fish & Chips

    Angler Sustainable Banner

    Fish & chips are an Australian icon, but do you ever think about where your fish & chips come from?

    We do. That’s why we’ve created Angler – sustainable fish and Aussie as!

    Angler is the first South Australian sustainable and ethical seafood restaurant as accredited by the Good Fish Project.

    By premiering Dry Ageing, Angler is leading innovation and change.
    In collaboration with SA Fair Fish, we believe in connecting SA industries and people through education.

    Together we look after tomorrow’s food today.

    Only what we’re catching changes, not the quality.

    Because we source daily from local fishermen, the fish that’s on offer at Angler will change, but the quality will always be steadfast.

    We have partnered with SA Fair Fish to ensure our Fisherman get the credit they deserve for the hard work they do

    Learn more about Fair Fish

    Angler Sustainable fish and chips

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    Baylies epicurean delight – Woodside – Adelaide Hills – SA

    Baylies Epicurean Delights


    The Baylies story is one of love and commitment to a cause; an unrelenting passion for quality, tradition, excellence and of course amazing food. Inspired by the vision of owners Robert and Angela Bell, the Baylies’ journey began in a small kitchen; quickly transforming into a small local bakery based in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

    Over a short period of time, the team at Baylies built an unmatched reputation for quality in the local area – and word began to spread across the country.  As the grapevine worked its wonders the business began securing larger contracts and a reputation for delivering the extraordinary.  In 2004, the business moved to its current location at Woodside, incorporating a purpose-built industrial kitchen and distribution centre to support its flourishing client base including a contract to supply Qantas with plain lavash.

    Over the years, the business has remained a family affair and it continues to grow from strength to strength. Using Robert’s vast experience and knowledge as a chef, the team are unrelenting in the pursuit of their vision; to create extraordinary food from traditional recipes delivered with excellence and passion.



    Visit Baylies epicurean delight Website



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    Down to Earth Permaculture – Stansbury – Yorke Peninsula

    Down to earth permaculture logo


    Down to Earth Permaculture is a permaculture education business on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, Nharrangga country.

    It was created by Wendy Rushbrook teacher/librarian with a passion for sustainable living from an early age. Down to Earth organizes courses and workshops and accommodation in its, sustainably designed house and permaculture garden.

    A place where to relax, learn and enjoy the peace of Yorke peninsula nature.

    Down to Earth Permaculture House


    Introduction to Permaculture

    Bookings now open for February 2021 course

    A 2-day course held on 20th and 21st February 2021 in the beautiful seaside town of Stansbury, South Australia. It will give you an understanding of the theory and practical applications of permaculture. Delicious food included and affordable accommodation available nearby.

    Down to Earth Permaculture Garden

    Permaculture for women

    Held annually, usually in September.

    You will be immersed in permaculture in practice along with a room full of interested and interesting women.

    Day 1 will concentrate on permaculture principles as they apply to the environment around you – plants, animals and buildings.

    Day 2  is about you as an individual – mind, body, and soul.

    Visit Down to Earth Permacultures Website

    About Wendy

    From the first few minutes of meeting Wendy, you will see her passion for all things permaculture. An avid student of all things sustainable with dirt under her finger nails.

    Her academic experience includes:

    • Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design (CQ University)

    • Permaculture Design Certificate (Kul Kul Farm, Bali)

    • Advanced Permaculture Design Course (Dan Palmer)

    • Living Smart Facilitator course (Ecoburbia WA)

    • Permaculture Design Certificate (Food Forest, Galwer, SA)

    • Bachelor of Teaching (Uni SA)

    Down to Earth Permaculture Food

    A teacher by profession, she loves to share. She also loves to connect. People to people, people to knowledge. Every meeting with Wendy will include a cup of tea, a question, a suggestion and swapping – you will not go away empty-handed.

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    Pacific Estate Oysters – Stansbury – Yorke Peninsula

    pacific estate oysters
    Pacific Estate Oysters located a few minutes away from Stansbury town in the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia is a 12 years business project brought to life by Steve Bowley and his wife Gerri as a retirement plan for a better and safer countryside life.
    The farm itself covers a total of 20 hectares of bay lease and is located in the open waters nearby the coast, however, this is a side of the business you do not see unless when participating in one of the “Deckie for a Day” Experience which Steve offers for enthusiasts people and couriose.

    The farm process up to 2 million Pacific Oysters and several thousand native Australian Angasi Oysters with a growing life circle that goes from a few weeks up to 3 years; as local business Pacific Estate Oysters offers its products directly to the final customers in South Australia and via specialized shops, however, the best experience is just pop-in and visit the shed for a “product check” and a chat, you can find their location on AgriAdventures home page main map.

    Definitely recommended for those who are traveling in the area and want to take a bite of the sea with them during the trip, but also for those who have ager of knowledge in oyster farming and aquaculture in the area.
    For more information visit

    Pacific Estate Oysters Website

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    Barossa valley cheese 2020 – SA

    barossa Cheese Logo

    Visit the Cheesecellar to indulge in a cheeses experience, pairing cheese to wine, gin, cider or even tea! Each day we do Halloumi cooking demonstrations with free tastings. We are a 1-hour drive from Adelaide CBD with neighboring wineries in all directions. 

    The Barossa Valley Cheese Company is the success of the hard-working Victoria McClurg, who is also a qualified wine maker. After a stint making wine in Bordeaux, France, Victoria found a passion for cheese, the joy in sharing cheese with friends and pairing cheese with wine.

    Meet Victoria Mcclurg

    “I want to encourage people to explore their own tastebuds.”

    – Victoria McClurg, Director

    With a range of nineteen distinctive kinds of cheese, ranging from cows milk to goats milk, Victoria and her team work under strict hygienic conditions in a spotlessly clean environment, demanded by their distinctive artisan cheese styles. The production facilities adjoin the Cheesecellar, with a live stream playing in the Cheesecellar so we can show you easily how our cheese is made.

    Barossa Valley cheese
    Barossa Valley Cheese 

    Visit Barossa Cheese website for hampers and cheeses experiences and delivery.

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    Barley Stacks Wines – 1st Winery in Yorke Peninsula – SA

    Barley Stacks Wiens banner

    Barley Stacks Wines was the first commercial vineyard and winery to be established on the traditional barley belt of the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

    Barley Stacks Wines Website

    A short drive away from the historic town of Maitland, Barley Stacks Wines offers visitors a unique Australian experience unlike any other. The wine produced at Barley Stacks Wines is made from the grapes grown in the Barley Stacks Wines vineyards, which are crushed, fermented, stored, and bottled right on site. This onsite process allows for strict quality control of all facets of wine production. The vineyard has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and ensuring leading-edge technology is utilized to maintain consistently high-quality wines.

    AgriAdventures 15 mins. Interview

    Meet the owner Lyall Shultz

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    Caesus et Vinum Online Experience 2020

    Caesus and Vinum Video


    For celebrating the week of the Italian Cuisine in Adelaide, AgriAdventures and Radio Italia Uno Adelaide are happy to invite you to the “Caesus and Vinum” virtual cheeses and wine tasting experience. Travel with us discovering 4 different Italian Regions through a sensory experience, tasting some of the most iconic and traditional Italian products, a journey in space and time for learning more about these delicacies, their history, and their food-wine match guided by the Italian Sommelier Simone Berliat in the Radio Italia Uno.

    Virtual tasting experience
    Virtual tasting experience

    Time Schedule:

    • 00:43 Introduction
    • 04:20 Adelaide Italian Consul Speach
    • 11:00 Veneto – Wine and Cheese
    • 34:00 Lombardy – Wine and Cheeses
    • 1:00:10 Piedmont – Wine and Cheese
    • 1:12:00 Sardinia – Wine and Cheese
    • 1:30:00 Conclusion – Wine and Cheese

    Regions we visited:

    • Veneto
    • Lombardy
    • Piedmont
    • Sardinia

    Wines Tasted:

    Cheeses Tasted:

    Leave your comments below and if you are curious about new events in South Australia you can visit

    Sunny Hill 1st. Distillery in Yorke Peninsula – SA

    Sunny Hill Logo

    Colliver Family Farm

    Sunny Hill Farm was settled in 1872 by the Colliver family and has remained in that name until this day. The current owner and descendant Sam Colliver and his wife Olivia are the founders, owners, and operators of Sunny Hill Distillery. The farm is a broadacre cereal cropping venture where part of the grain that is produced is then used in the distillery to make quality craft spirits.

    Sunny Hill Distillery Cellardoor

    Come and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating and large range of drinks.

    If you are looking for a good day out with friends look no further than Sunny Hill. We have a very extensive range of cocktails using our own spirits and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy we have a fully stocked bar with local craft beer, wine, and cider. Also available are light snacks including a sharing platter for 2, chips, cheese, dip, and crackers. Please feel free to bring your own platter/picnic lunch with you if preferred. The outside area includes a large deck and lawn area which is a great place for the kids to play or sit with your dog and enjoy the spectacular views. Feel free to bring your own picnic blanket/umbrella etc.

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    Sunny Hill Distillery Produce
    Sunny Hill Distillery Produce
    • Wheat Vodka is made using raw wheat grown on-farm, mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled entirely on-site, making this a 100% “crop to drop” product.
    • Wheat Vodka is then used as the base for our gins and liqueurs.
    • Whisky and Rum are currently laid away aging in casks before their release in late 2021.

    AgriAdventures 15 mins. Interview

    Meet the owner, operator and distributor Sam Colliver.

    Check out Sunny Hill Distillery Website here!


    Travel Australia Independent tourism growth forecast 2020-27

    Travel Independent forecats Australia 2020

    Travel Australia Independent and regional tourism forecast 2020

    Independent travel fashion has become one of the last trends in regional tourism in Australia.

    Whit China now being Australia’s largest inbound tourism source market both in volume and spend

    Over the last 10 years, FITs have contributed 50% of the total growth in Chinese visitors. With an annual growth rate of 18.8% over this period.
    Chinese FITs are more likely to disperse to regional areas compared with their nonFIT or group tour counterparts.

    Tourism Research Australia (TRA) forecast Chinese visitor numbers in Australia to
    reach 3.9 million in 2026–27 – an average annual growth rate of 11.9% over the next
    10 years – and total visitor spend to reach $26.2 billion


    Time available for travel was a major constraint for those Chinese FITs interviewed in
    Australia (71%), with agreement by respondents interviewed in China.

    The budget was also a barrier to visitors incorporating regional Australia in their itinerary, with
    significance varying among differing ages or social groups.

    Other barriers identified in the research included:

    • Concerns that Australia’s large distances would translate into very long travel times
      Lack of transport options, with Chinese FITs having little alternative to self-drive
    • Personal safety would be compromised in regional Australia
    • Inadequate tourism infrastructure such as roads leading to regional attractions,
    • Accommodation failing to meet traveler expectations and a lack of free Wi-Fi
    • Regional destination websites that did not follow the Chinese way of thinking from
      general to the specific.
    • Aging regional tourism products, lacking originality, innovation, and appeal.

    Limited planning time.

    The Tourism Australia Research provides evidence of the limited time put aside for travel planning by holiday FITs. Over half (55%) of Chinese holiday FITs planned their trips to Australia within one to three months, while only one-fifth (20%) planned their visits within four to six months. Generally, more than half (52%) of all holiday FITs booked their trips within one month of their arrival in Australia.

    Why AgriAdventures help to solve these barriers:

    Personalised booking calendar: ACTIVITIES

    Each product on AgriAdventures booking platform has a personalised booking calendar designed on the supplier’s requirements, allowing add extras if available and different timeframes.

    With one indirect booking calendar, FITs can book activities, accommodation in advance with the time frame of their choices, allowing supplies to scheduling their services in a “one-month” time frame without increasing labor costs, allowing businesses to maintain the impact of independent tourism in the budget.

    Navigation Map: MAP

    Each product or event is pinned into a google navigation map with customised pins, “close-by” functionality and activity selectors that make it easy to find local activities required from the final customer.

    This allows FITs to navigate any of the products independently and with different available transportation methods.

    Events Calendar: EVENTS

    A dedicated unique calendar where events are showcase by day, with a direct link to the booking and ticketing platform allows events to be organised by month and to increase the visibility of the whole “events market”, facilitating discovery and travel organization makes those events

    AgriAdventures warranty: CANCELLATION POLICY

    The warranty of the service is included from the platform to all final customers. If the service is not provided or is not up to the standard declared the final customers can require a refund directly from the platform.

    The automatic refund policy works up to 24hr after the execution of the experience.

    Improvement of market standards and product offers:

    Creating a common marketplace allows operators to take inspiration from others and implement in their offerts, improving complexity and originality on the market, making the whole industry more attractive for the final customer.


    Chinese Free and Independent Travellers/Tourism Research from the Australian Government : here

    Travel Australia Independent Trends
    Tourism Research Australia


    To purchase products and experiences

    containing alcohol you need

    to be 18