Frequent Asked Questions

The default language on the website is English, therefore all pages are translated from English into the required language from Google Translate. In the case of a different primary language used the translation in English won’t be available.

The activities / events can be multiple, but they all have two factors in common; food production and environmental sustainability.

  • Educational farms
  • Farm accommodation,
  • Farmhouses
  • Wine cellars
  • Beer producers
  • Cheese
  • Animal farms
  • Vegetable gardens and orchards
  • Beehives

And how much can be combined with these two themes Food and Sustainability.

See “Terms and conditions” Requirements for activities and events section for more information.

  • AgriAdventures requires you that, the company is legally recognized on the Italian territory and possess all the required permits to carry out the activities and proposed events.
  • AgriAdventures requires a PayPal account in order to transfer payments from the customer to the seller.

If you have any extra questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.

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To purchase products and experiences

containing alcohol you need

to be 18