Cancellation Policy

Updated 24/04/2019

In order to maintain the AgriAdventures platform reliability for all users, the “24 hours” Policy has been implemented in our Business operations.

How does the “24 hours” policy works?

The “24 hours” policy adds an extra layer of protection for the AgriAdventures users.

It adds an extra warranty for the vendors.

AgriAdventures collects payments upon a reservation booking, therefore Vendors are guaranteed payment will be made in full at the agreed date.

Increase the stability and quality of the services.

AgriAdventures collects and holds payments for 24 hours after the time of the executed booking. (pls. refer to the 23:59 of the booking day). Thus offering an extra guarantee to the final customers to receive an appropriated level of service conforming with the offer!

How to use the “24 hours” Policy

Are you a Vendor?

As Vendor no action is required for access the “24 hours” Policy benefits. Payment of the booked activity/event will be processed 24 hours after the 23:59 of the activity/event execution day.

In the event that, booking has been canceled please refer to the Terms of Business.

Are you a Final Customer?

If you are a final customer you may access the “24 hours” policy procedure if you have found the service provided not conforming with the offered advertised on the activity/event description. Please complete the form supplied below with as many details as possible.

When completing the form, you are advised to provide as much evidence of miss-service as possible, by such means as photographs statements of witnesses, etc.

Submit the form and accompanying information within the 24 hours stop-gap period. AgriAdventures will contact the Vendor in your behalf asking for a resolution.

What happens when Final Customers require a “24 hours” policy intervention?

If a Final Customer contact AgriAdventures requiring a “24 hours” policy intervention, AgriAdventures will forward this reqest to the Vendor with the information provided asking for a resolution.

When the application is made, all event/activity payments are placed on hold until a resolution is achieved.

The Vendor must answer the request for resolution within 48 hours from the change to “forwarded request” (sending time as proof) otherwise payment could be automatically refunded to the Final Customer.

If a Vendor doesn’t respond to this resolution process within 48 hours after the communication from AgriAdventures all money will be refunded to the final customer automatically.

If the final customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided AgriAdventures advices to contact the appropriate authorities.

Policy validity

The “24 hours” policy can be used up to 24 hours after the beginning of the event/activity described in the booking details. In the specific case of accommodation 17:00 will be treated as the complaint application time, regardless of the actual time such application is made. Any formal complaint received after the 24 hours of time won’t be considered. (AgriAdventures will refer the receiving time on the income mail servers)

AgriAdventures is not responsible for miss-delivery.

What AgriAdventures can do if a formal complain is filed?

In the situation of negligence in conforming with AgriAdventures policies or other applicable legislation, AgriAdventures is allowed to terminate the user account immediately and without any communication, this is to ensure the maintenance of a reliable platform.

AgriAventures offer the “24 hours” policy as a form of risk control policy, not a mediation service. AgriAdventures cant be involved in any legal dispute between Vendors and Final Customers.

The “24 hours” Policy contact form.

    Your phone number (required)

    Execution booking date (required)

    Execution booking time (required)

    Proofs of disservice (required at least 2 pictures)
    Files allowed JPG,PNG,DOCX,PDF up to 3MB

    Any of the information provided will be kept confidential.
    Please allow AgriAdventures at least 48 hours to process your Formal complaint, we will get in contact with you soon.

    AgriAdventures Australia

    Any AgriAdventures user accept the “24 hours” policy.

    Any of the information provided will be kept confidential.
    Please allow AgriAdventures at least 48 hours to process your formal complaint, we will get in contact with you soon.

    AgriAdventures Europe


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