Community Market AgriAdventures

AgriAdventures Community Market

AgriAdventures aims to promote local food producers locally.

In cooperation with Radio Italia Uno Adelaide, AgriAdventures organize a monthly community market aim at promoting food producers in the Adelaide City Market.

The events will be used to sponsor Radio Italia Uno Adelaide helping to cover the costs and maintain the radio and its services to the local Adelaide Community.

Food producers can access this opportunity registering their interests to the events thought the contact form below.

More details in the article.

What is offered:

  • Radio Italia Uno provides to all food producers participating, a standard space format table/desk with 2 chairs for present their products. (70 x 180)
  • Access to the facilities up to 1 hour earlier from the community market commencing time.
  • Access to limited cooking facilities and water supply, if required.
  • Access to limited refrigeration supply.
  • Power points (power cords need to be supplied individually)
  • Radio Promotion for the event evening + Radio Interview during the event
  • Social media promotion and Social media content creation.

What is required:

  • Products samples for visitors to taste. (tasting tools have to be provided from the food producer)
  • Table decorations (as you please)
  • Promotional material.

Sales of Alcohol:

Alcohol producers can sell products directly on take away, and provide samples to participants, however, in house consumption products can be purchased only from our Radio Italia Uno Bar. Management will contact directly alcohol producers to establish supply quantities and extra details required.

COVID-19 Limitation:

in the Radio Italia Uno COVID plan, no more than 47 people are allowed to access the promise at the same time.

The Radio is responsible to provide adequate seatings, sanitizer and make sure participant will respect social distancing and required government limitation, it is under a responsibility to food producers to provide all required material for the safe consumption of products provided.

Market Fees:

There is no fee for Food producers

For more AgriAdventures events check page here.


Food producers’ application is subject to approval from AgriAdventures and Radio Italia Uno Management.

Confirmation of acceptance will be sent directly via the communicated e-mail address.

Application Form:

    Community Markets in Radio Italia Uno Adelaide.

    Expression of interest for Stand Holders

    Pls. Upload a picture to use for Media promotion (up to 1500x1500 px REQUIRED)


    Require your stand from the calendar above. 

    Greetings from Simone and Marta

    Radio Italia Uno Marta picture
    Radio Italia Uno Marta picture
    Picture template for AgriAdventures Radio Program Simone Berliat 1
    AgriAdventures – Simone Berliat




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