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Sunny Hill 1st. Distillery in Yorke Peninsula – SA

Colliver Family Farm

Sunny Hill Farm was settled in 1872 by the Colliver family and has remained in that name until this day. The current owner and descendant Sam Colliver and his wife Olivia are the founders, owners, and operators of Sunny Hill Distillery. The farm is a broadacre cereal cropping venture where part of the grain that is produced is then used in the distillery to make quality craft spirits.

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Come and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating and large range of drinks.

If you are looking for a good day out with friends look no further than Sunny Hill. We have a very extensive range of cocktails using our own spirits and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy we have a fully stocked bar with local craft beer, wine, and cider. Also available are light snacks including a sharing platter for 2, chips, cheese, dip, and crackers. Please feel free to bring your own platter/picnic lunch with you if preferred. The outside area includes a large deck and lawn area which is a great place for the kids to play or sit with your dog and enjoy the spectacular views. Feel free to bring your own picnic blanket/umbrella etc.

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Sunny Hill Distillery Produce
Sunny Hill Distillery Produce
  • Wheat Vodka is made using raw wheat grown on-farm, mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled entirely on-site, making this a 100% “crop to drop” product.
  • Wheat Vodka is then used as the base for our gins and liqueurs.
  • Whisky and Rum are currently laid away aging in casks before their release in late 2021.

AgriAdventures 15 mins. Interview

Meet the owner, operator and distributor Sam Colliver.

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