Travel Independent forecats Australia 2020

Travel Australia Independent tourism growth forecast 2020-27

Travel Australia Independent and regional tourism forecast 2020

Independent travel fashion has become one of the last trends in regional tourism in Australia.

Whit China now being Australia’s largest inbound tourism source market both in volume and spend

Over the last 10 years, FITs have contributed 50% of the total growth in Chinese visitors. With an annual growth rate of 18.8% over this period.
Chinese FITs are more likely to disperse to regional areas compared with their nonFIT or group tour counterparts.

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) forecast Chinese visitor numbers in Australia to
reach 3.9 million in 2026–27 – an average annual growth rate of 11.9% over the next
10 years – and total visitor spend to reach $26.2 billion


Time available for travel was a major constraint for those Chinese FITs interviewed in
Australia (71%), with agreement by respondents interviewed in China.

The budget was also a barrier to visitors incorporating regional Australia in their itinerary, with
significance varying among differing ages or social groups.

Other barriers identified in the research included:

  • Concerns that Australia’s large distances would translate into very long travel times
    Lack of transport options, with Chinese FITs having little alternative to self-drive
  • Personal safety would be compromised in regional Australia
  • Inadequate tourism infrastructure such as roads leading to regional attractions,
  • Accommodation failing to meet traveler expectations and a lack of free Wi-Fi
  • Regional destination websites that did not follow the Chinese way of thinking from
    general to the specific.
  • Aging regional tourism products, lacking originality, innovation, and appeal.

Limited planning time.

The Tourism Australia Research provides evidence of the limited time put aside for travel planning by holiday FITs. Over half (55%) of Chinese holiday FITs planned their trips to Australia within one to three months, while only one-fifth (20%) planned their visits within four to six months. Generally, more than half (52%) of all holiday FITs booked their trips within one month of their arrival in Australia.

Why AgriAdventures help to solve these barriers:

Personalised booking calendar: ACTIVITIES

Each product on AgriAdventures booking platform has a personalised booking calendar designed on the supplier’s requirements, allowing add extras if available and different timeframes.

With one indirect booking calendar, FITs can book activities, accommodation in advance with the time frame of their choices, allowing supplies to scheduling their services in a “one-month” time frame without increasing labor costs, allowing businesses to maintain the impact of independent tourism in the budget.

Navigation Map: MAP

Each product or event is pinned into a google navigation map with customised pins, “close-by” functionality and activity selectors that make it easy to find local activities required from the final customer.

This allows FITs to navigate any of the products independently and with different available transportation methods.

Events Calendar: EVENTS

A dedicated unique calendar where events are showcase by day, with a direct link to the booking and ticketing platform allows events to be organised by month and to increase the visibility of the whole “events market”, facilitating discovery and travel organization makes those events

AgriAdventures warranty: CANCELLATION POLICY

The warranty of the service is included from the platform to all final customers. If the service is not provided or is not up to the standard declared the final customers can require a refund directly from the platform.

The automatic refund policy works up to 24hr after the execution of the experience.

Improvement of market standards and product offers:

Creating a common marketplace allows operators to take inspiration from others and implement in their offerts, improving complexity and originality on the market, making the whole industry more attractive for the final customer.


Chinese Free and Independent Travellers/Tourism Research from the Australian Government : here

Travel Australia Independent Trends
Tourism Research Australia


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