AgriAdventures Ep21 Gin Quinine

ENG – Gin & Quinine – AgriAdventures Episode

ENG – Gin & Quinine – AgriAdventures Episode

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AgriAdvenutres radio Episode about Gin and Tonic Water.

Modern aperitif with old medicament uses again one of the most difficult sicknesses to cure in human history. Malaria.

Gin is a distillate base on different sweet juices, mainly grain or potatoes based, which after distillation get added of Juniper and other botanicals, used back in the days as rudimental medicine for help on better health.

Tonic Water, a water infusion of Quinine, one of the most powerful natural cures for malaria which, back in the days allowed to cure millions of people and still in use in Malaraia’s countries.

Those two ingredients have been mixed first time from the British army in order to make it the best way to stay healthy for army men during India’s colonization, and now is one of the most popular cocktails to sip bar and nightclubs.

gin tonic
gin tonic

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