AgriAdventures Ep29 Giuseppe Nasti Healthy Nasti Kitchen Podcast

Giuseppe Nasti – Helathy Nasti Kitchen

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Giuseppe Nasti - Helathy Nasti Kitchen

Giuseppe Nasti is from Italy, he has come over in Australia in 2012 looking for better opportunities for his family, as former Chef Australia, especially Victoria has provided him the opportunity for finding a job an stay, but moving in South Australia he has finally found his way in business and bread.


Giuseppe is passionate about food from the A to the Z even, he stops pretty soon at letter B when it comes to the big love. He works as a baker and dreams of a place near a lake with a garden and a big bookshelf where welcomes friends and guests to get Healthy in body, mind, and spirit. That is why his starting business project “Healthy Nasti Kitchen, talks about sourdough making classes”, the first step to the whole picture, like any good entrepreneur, sees the pathway and follows it one step at the time.

AgriAdventures Interview, in a car, with a warm day of the end of summer in South Australia, while the Covid-19 showcase its psychological power to the local population.


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