Hains & Co - Gin Tasting - Adelaide

Hains & Co is a spirit bar has dropped anchor in the Adelaide CBD.
Nautically Inspired with a passion for gin & rum, a love of the sea, and a penchant for whisky.

The gin tasting experience is designed to showcase to curious and connoisseurs, South Australian made Gins; served with premium Mixers in a charming atmosphere.


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In the search for sharing the passion about South Australian and overseas spirits, the GIN tasting experience is designed to present and explore this new millennial-age of this middle ages herbal medicine.

What is Included in Hains & Co – Gin Tasting flights:

2 full shots of locally made Gins served with premium mixers, a drop of knowledge from the bar staff and decorated with nautical-inspired passion.


Hains & Co - Gin Tasting | Adelaide | Agri Adventures Australia


What is not Included:

No food is included in the price of the experience.

What is Available:

Available from our menu cocktails, snacks, platters, and more spirits to leave your spirit up!

What is Required:

Minimum 18 years of age

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Access With Assistance for the Disabled

Suitable for guests with sufficient mobility to climb two or three steps, but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance.


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Hains & Co - Gin Tasting | Adelaide | Agri Adventures AustraliaThe Vision

The vision be born from a love of gin, rum, and family. Five Generations ago being seafaring types the Hains family came across on boats to settle in Port Adelaide. Here they lived and prospered as the family grew. The Admiral’s great grandfather partnered with a gentleman to start a furniture shop on Hindley St called Hains Hunkin, on the site of what is now the Grand Chancellor Hotel.

In the end taking he took full control of the business, which Ralph Louis Frederick Hains (Grandfather) then took over. At the time of retirement Ralf sold the business to another gentleman who was taking it on as a going concern, to my Grandfathers dismay he ended breaking the business up and selling of the pieces, leaving long serving staff and friends to find employment elsewhere.

To that end we are bringing the Hains name back to Hindley St, or at least close to it.

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