Wine and Interactive Biodynamic tour at Paxton - McLaren Vale

Paxton Wines and Vineyards are fully certified organic and biodynamic. During the Interactive tour, guests will be tasting 5 different biodynamic wines, learning why and how Biodynamics is applied to Paxton vineyards and winemaking, whilst enjoying beautiful gardens and landscapes in McLaren Vale. The total length of 1,50 hours Minimum number required 2 People Please read the detailed description in the Description tab below.


Wine tasting and Biodynamic tour at Paxton:


Established in 1979, Paxton is a family-owned wine company. Founder and owner, David Paxton is one of Australia’s most highly respected viticulturalists – a reputation built on managing and growing wine grapes of exceptional quality for over 30 years.

The Paxton wine range is an approachable collection of wines that showcase McLaren Vale’s fruit quality (through Paxton’s superior vineyard sites), natural diversity and varietal expression. In the winery, minimal winemaking intervention ensures the integrity of the fruit from vineyard to bottle.

In 2011 Paxton became a fully certified organic and biodynamic wine producer and in October 2019 is launching an interactive tour which includes wine tasting, Paxton Biodynamic farming and winemaking practices while strolling around the historic Landcross Farm.

Tour Description: The Guided Tour will introduce visitors to Paxton, the farming techniques and principles of Biodynamic farming including compost preparations while, tasting 5 wines, and introducing them to the concept of Biodynamic applied to viticulture and wine making.

  1. Wine tasting and Biodynamic tour at Paxton:Cellar Door: Welcome, first wine tasting, introduction to the company, the tour and the history of Paxton and the Landcross Farm
  2. The Whinerah Cottage Porch(c 1849): Looking to the Herb garden we will sip our second wine and discuss the origins and principles of Biodynamics – Why do we grow the herbs and how are they used in biodynamics.
  3. The water trough: Introduction to the significance of the 4 elements, EARTH, AIR (wind), FIRE (sun), WATER in the Biodynamic philosophy
  4. Biodynamic ShedBuried cow Horns: Our third wine tasting will be accompanied by introduction to the Biodynamic preparations, their concepts and use in sustainable agriculture. (500, how, how long bury them, why the cow horn) and will be followed by…
  5. Biodynamic Shed: How to preserve Biodynamic preparations, 500 in the pots, dark & damp – touch, feel & smell. Silica sitting on the shelves in the light and final products. The explanation will be accompanied by our Fourth wine.
  6. Return to the cellar-door: Taste of the last wine Sum up Biodynamics & what Biodynamics mean to Paxton.

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Guided tour and tasting of 5 wines Available In the experience are included: Guided tour and tasting of 5 wines Available after the experience: tasting of full cellar door range of wines and Purchase of wine and cheese platters from the cellar-door.

It is required: to wear shoes suitable for walking on undulating and potentially steep terrain, hat and appropriate protection during summer. Length of the experience: Approx 1.5 hours Minimum number required per experience:  2 People


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