Garden Sense - Urrbrae Historic Precinct - Adelaide

Join Dr Bianca Warnock, at the Urrbrae Historic Precinct Sensory Garden.

What the Experience Includes:

Visit the Urrbrae gardens.
Introduction to local/native plants.
Sensory garden experience.
Introduction of use, harvest, and cooking of the gardens plants.

45 mins Experience


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Explore the grounds with a plant scientist.

Use your senses and understand more about the plants we grow and the food we eat.

Part of the proceeds will go towards the Urrbrae House and Garden Volunteers to manage and maintain this gorgeous garden in the heart of Adelaide.

What is included:

  1. Visit the Urrbrae gardens.
  2. Introduction to local/native plants.
  3. Sensory garden experience.
  4. Introduction of use, harvest, and cooking of the gardens plants.

Guests receive a notebook to begin their own garden journal experience

What is available extra:


What is required:

Our tours go ahead in most weather conditions, so dress prepared. Hats, coats, sunglasses, umbrella… whatever you need.


Wheelchairs and limited mobility
Cognitively diverse
Free access for companions or carers

Tours on demand – Get in contact today with us.


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