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Bononia Gelato HOmemaking experience
Mastro Gelatiere Bononia
Mastro Gelatiere Bononia


Do you want learn how to make Artisan Gelato, Sorbets at Home?

With Bononia Gelato making Masterclass a two hours sessions in the Bononia Ice Cream facilities.

You will learn from our in-house gelatiere all the required knowledge and tips to make high-quality gelato and sorbets for your home.

One 2 hours sessions: Description

  1. Ugo Capasso Class
    Ugo Capasso Class

    First Hour: we will introduce you to the Gelato science, techniques, and ingredients required for a good high-quality artisan gelato at home.

  2. Second Hour: we will practice our Gelato theory making our first one together Gelato and Sorbetto.

Everything taught from our Mastro gelatiere from Italy.

This is a course for serious ice cream aficionados and hospitality professionals.

What is Included:

  • All tools required will be provided
  • You will take home your own beautifully hand made Gelato + 1 of Bononia Gelato base (up 1kg ice cream at home)
  • Bononia Gelato
    Bononia Gelato

    Small brochure with recipes and technical information

What is required:

Pls. present yourself up to 10 mins before the booked time at the Bononia Gelato Venue.


Late arrivals will be accommodated with a quick summary if possible in the time available.

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Join us Saturday 21st from 05:00 pm on AgriAdventures Virtual Room

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