Backyard Aquaponics 101 – March 2021

Backyard Aquaponics march 2021

Keen to Start your very own aquaponics system?

Steven Preston from Ecosystem Farms and Kym Ormond from Port Adelaide Food Gardening present an intro course on Backyard Aquaponics.

port adelaide gardening
Port Adelaide gardening
EcoSystem Farms
EcoSystem Farms

Learn the ins and outs of Aquaponics using permaculture techniques to kickstart your own aquaponics journey.

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Angler – Stirling Sustainable Fish & Chips

Angler Sustainable Banner

Fish & chips are an Australian icon, but do you ever think about where your fish & chips come from?

We do. That’s why we’ve created Angler – sustainable fish and Aussie as!

Angler is the first South Australian sustainable and ethical seafood restaurant as accredited by the Good Fish Project.

By premiering Dry Ageing, Angler is leading innovation and change.
In collaboration with SA Fair Fish, we believe in connecting SA industries and people through education.

Together we look after tomorrow’s food today.

Only what we’re catching changes, not the quality.

Because we source daily from local fishermen, the fish that’s on offer at Angler will change, but the quality will always be steadfast.

We have partnered with SA Fair Fish to ensure our Fisherman get the credit they deserve for the hard work they do

Learn more about Fair Fish

Angler Sustainable fish and chips

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McLaren Vale food tour January 2021

McLaren Vale tour

Come to enjoy the AgriAdventures McLaren Vale Food tour this January.

Four iconic food locations in the Vale, South Australia for one day out discovering more about local food production in the Fleurieu peninsula with AgriAdventures.

  • Willunga Farmers Market (first farmers market in South Australia)
  • Willunga High road, with its small boutique shops and Shirty Lizzard brewery
  • Historic Oxenberry Farm (Winery)
  • McCarty’s Orchard (Winery and Ciders)

This is an independent-driven, guided tour for promoting responsible food tourism in South Australia.

Some of these experiences are “not available” to the general public and are available only through AgriAdventures.

Pls. Check out timing and make sure to have available transportation for the entire length of the tour.



Time schedule:

09:30 Meeting Point: 62 Victor Harbor Rd, Old Noarlunga SA 5168


Willunga Farmers Market

10:00 Visit at the Willunga Farmers Market: Visit the market, meet the local producers, learn their stories, taste some products browsing, and purchasing some local seasonal produce to restock your weekly pantry with natural and organic goodies, feel the vibe of the Willunga Farmers Market. First Farmers Market in South Australia

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11:00 Tour of Willunga High Street.

Willunga high road is full of small boutique shops with interesting, locally made goodies and decorations. Let’s stroll up from the market to the Shifty Lizard Brewery where we will have a chance to taste some of the locally made beers and chill down a bit.

Oxenberry Farm
Oxenberry Farm


01:00 Oxenberry farm tour: (PAID EXPERIENCE INCLUDED) + Lunch.

In 1840 first settlers arrived in the McLaren Vale area and decided to stop to create their new lives here in South Australia. The first farm built was named Oxenberry Farm which was located not far away from the modern winery that brings its name today.

The experience includes a history tour of the property plus wine tasting.  (WINE TASTING IS INCLUDED IN THE EXPERIENCE PRICE).

Lunch will be consumed in the property  (purchased individually).

Visit the Oxenberry farm Website for more Info


McCarthysOrchard Lisa and Mark
McCarthysOrchard Lisa and Mark

03:00 McCarty’s orchard visit. (PAID TASTING INCLUDED)

McCarthy’s Orchard is situated on the foothills of McLaren Vale. It has a very unique micro-climate, the farm has mixed crops such as apples, pears, stonefruits, and cherries and is free to navigate during the weekend. Included in the visit a wine, cider tasting for the value of $10 redeemable on a purchase takeaway (wine/ciders).


04:00 Guided tour ends.


Feel free to keep visiting McLaren Vale at your own peace. 


What is Included:

  • Historic Wine Tour Experience at Oxenberry with wine tasting
  • Introduction to the Willunga Farmers Market
  • Introduction to Shifty Lizzard Brewery
  • McCarthy’s Orchard wine and cider tasting and visit

To Pay separately

  • Items purchased at the Willunga Farmers market
  • Beers at Shifty Lizzard Brewery
  • Lunch at Oxenberry Farm

What is required:

  • in order to access wine tastings and experiences is required to be at least 18 years old.
  • Clothing organized accordingly with the expected weather and comfortable shoes are required.
  • Sunscreen protection, a hat, and a water bottle are also required as predominantly experiences will be outside.
  • Your own Vehicle, this is an independent guided tour, come with your friends, it is more fun.

Independent food tours Vision and Mission:

Independent tourism allows bringing new resources and business stimuli in rural areas, disregarding the precedent tourism history of the location or vicinity to other tourism attractions. Independent tourism allows developing a better industry based on service quality.

Food tourism is dedicated on promoting food businesses and produces, alternative agriculture and sustainable practices in business and in the local community. highlight those businesses with better visibility onto the local market is one of the AgriAdventures Mission and Vision

Read more about AgriAdventures Vision and Mission here. 

AgriAdventures communicate value through experiences.

Baylies epicurean delight – Woodside – Adelaide Hills – SA

Baylies Epicurean Delights


The Baylies story is one of love and commitment to a cause; an unrelenting passion for quality, tradition, excellence and of course amazing food. Inspired by the vision of owners Robert and Angela Bell, the Baylies’ journey began in a small kitchen; quickly transforming into a small local bakery based in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

Over a short period of time, the team at Baylies built an unmatched reputation for quality in the local area – and word began to spread across the country.  As the grapevine worked its wonders the business began securing larger contracts and a reputation for delivering the extraordinary.  In 2004, the business moved to its current location at Woodside, incorporating a purpose-built industrial kitchen and distribution centre to support its flourishing client base including a contract to supply Qantas with plain lavash.

Over the years, the business has remained a family affair and it continues to grow from strength to strength. Using Robert’s vast experience and knowledge as a chef, the team are unrelenting in the pursuit of their vision; to create extraordinary food from traditional recipes delivered with excellence and passion.



Visit Baylies epicurean delight Website



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Sunny Hill 1st. Distillery in Yorke Peninsula – SA

Sunny Hill Logo

Colliver Family Farm

Sunny Hill Farm was settled in 1872 by the Colliver family and has remained in that name until this day. The current owner and descendant Sam Colliver and his wife Olivia are the founders, owners, and operators of Sunny Hill Distillery. The farm is a broadacre cereal cropping venture where part of the grain that is produced is then used in the distillery to make quality craft spirits.

Sunny Hill Distillery Cellardoor

Come and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating and large range of drinks.

If you are looking for a good day out with friends look no further than Sunny Hill. We have a very extensive range of cocktails using our own spirits and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy we have a fully stocked bar with local craft beer, wine, and cider. Also available are light snacks including a sharing platter for 2, chips, cheese, dip, and crackers. Please feel free to bring your own platter/picnic lunch with you if preferred. The outside area includes a large deck and lawn area which is a great place for the kids to play or sit with your dog and enjoy the spectacular views. Feel free to bring your own picnic blanket/umbrella etc.

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Sunny Hill Distillery Produce
Sunny Hill Distillery Produce
  • Wheat Vodka is made using raw wheat grown on-farm, mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled entirely on-site, making this a 100% “crop to drop” product.
  • Wheat Vodka is then used as the base for our gins and liqueurs.
  • Whisky and Rum are currently laid away aging in casks before their release in late 2021.

AgriAdventures 15 mins. Interview

Meet the owner, operator and distributor Sam Colliver.

Check out Sunny Hill Distillery Website here!


Cirelli Coffee Roasting Experience

cirelli coffee event

The Cirelli Coffee Roasting Experience aims to cater to anyone with an interest or love of coffee.

We want it to be an energizing coffee experience and a fantastic way to build knowledge of the art of roasting and different brewing options.

We will talk about coffee and work our way through a range of brewing methods in a real working coffee Roastery.

In this session, will talk about:

  1. Coffee Types
  2. Coffee Origins
  3. Coffee Roasting
  4. Brewing Methods – Siphon, Cold Drip, Pour-over, AeroPress.
  5. Latte Art


It starts off with a coffee and a demonstration roast on the Giesen W15.

There is nothing like a pot of a good brew to bring everyone together whilst watching the roast that produced it in the first place.

Shortly after there is a little theory about coffee types, coffee origins and brewing.

The aim is to give everyone who participates a better appreciation of coffee.

It will also give them something to talk about amongst friends, where you can really sound like the coffee ‘aficionado’.

Take Cirelli’s finest coffee beans at home.

You don’t leave empty-handed grab one of our coffee bean bags with a $5 dollars discount redeemed bring home a taste Cirelli’s ‘good stuff ‘.

Speciality coffee Online Live Brewing coffee session July 2020

Elementary Coffee Live Online Experience

Do you like to brew your favorite coffee at home with your Aeropress/v60 or other lovely tools?
Experiencing the joy and (some times) the drama of recipe making.

Join us of a coffee chat, share your favorite black sip, and network with other specialty coffee lovers in South Australia.

Live Online Experience (for now)!

What expect:

Chat, relax… possible active interaction.

Coffee BYO (for the moment).

  • Take out your coffee love with questions to ask at the group
  • share some of your secret coffee recipes and
  • enjoy a cup with some other coffee lover like you

Coffee Roasting Esperience Elementary Coffee

elementary roastery
Excited about a new coffee roasting season here in Adelaide? YEAH!? You should… Saturday 11th at 2:00 PM we have the first ROASTING coffee experience on AgriAdventures!
We will be able to see and learn about the Elementary Coffee Roastery.
  • Communication of the roaster, (name, brand, style… ecc. ecc.)
  • Roasting experience. (see the coffee roasting process, coffee beans intro, answer questions)
  • Coffee tasting to tasting the roaster style, one coffee at your choice.
  • Option on buying products.

Total 0:45 – 1:00 hour

The venue will be available for us after closing time so no Covid-19 risks around. 🙂

Wine appreciation “Natural Wines” Virtual Experience July 2020

Commune of Buttons wine tasting

What I will drink this week.

Commune of Buttons – Chardonnay 2018 – Natural Wine

Adelaide Hills

Let’s have a fun wine chat together, meet online to know each other, and share some of our favorite wine stories and more.

Bring your own, enjoying a social wine experience without leaving your home.

Fun, safe, and cozy!

What is Required:
Internet connection
Phone or laptop
Your wine

Just access the AgriAdventures Virtual room an be ready to be social and meet other wine lovers.

You can find it in the website event link.


Commune Of Buttons Chardonnay Natural wine
Commune Of Buttons Chardonnay Natural wine

Commune Of Buttons Chardonnay 2018
Commune Of Buttons Chardonnay 2018

Topiary Virtual Food Experience at Home

Topiary Experience 1

Have you ever dreamed to cook a meal with a chef?

Experiencing more about food, learning some of the secrets and art behind one of the most intriguing human being activities?

Join us in one of the first virtual experiences with Kane Pollar, chef and patron at the Topiary Cafe’ in Tea Tree Gully.

Extraordinary and innovative food/live experience for you to enjoy directly at home.

  1. Add you Virtual ticket (only one required per household)
  2. Select the number of DATE NIGHT SORTED special menu portions.
  3. Add the wine matched for the experience and proceed to your order; we will do the rest!

Food and wine will be delivered at your home’s previous experience date and you will be able to meet Kane and our Sommelier Simone Berliat for the first virtual live online experience in your life!

What to expect?

Something fun, educative, and yummy in one unique way.

What do you need?

You will need to cook, just a bit, just enough…

Warm-up your oven at 220 c. grub your preferred plates in number for your guests and, if you have a microwave, you will need it just for 30 secs. unless you can still use the oven.

You also will need some tech available.

A laptop might be fine if just a couple of you are involved; just make sure to be able to see us when cooking and dining.

You can interact in many ways, microphone and speakers from your device should be fine, Bluetooth headset it might be a better option if you move a lot.

What is on the menu?

See what Kane Pollard, chef, and Patron at the Topiary cafe’ has to say about.

Wine? Two options are chosen from our Sommelier from the Topiary wine selection for you to experience directly at home.



Dietary Options?

Vegetarian and gluten-free available with seasonal ingredients from the garden.

Just specific your request in the order notes.

Is there a limit where I can have it?

Yes, Unfortunately, this is a dedicated REAL service with SUPER FRESH food coming directly from the Topiary cafe’ kitchen, so pls, check the map below and see if you are covered from this first virtual experience. If not, please leave a comment below where you wish to receive this service and we will be working hard on making it possible.

Topiary Delivery Coverage map
Topiary Delivery Coverage map

For more precise geolocation add your postcode into the cart shop and you will see if you are covered from our delivery!

Food Delivery Time

Delivery time is Saturday 16th from 12:00 to 6:00 pm we will get in contact with you when preparing for the experience.


Whish to see you all!

Have a great day from Simone and Kane!



To purchase products and experiences

containing alcohol you need

to be 18