Vision – Mission – Goals

Updated: 08/07/2019


Help to re-establish (or develop new) a sustainable local food production with the use of tourism and educational food activities and events. 


Provide a development platform for sustainable rural communities and agro-businesses through a B2B/ B2C e-marketplace where discover, book, pay and navigate activities and events in the food education industry.

Using tourism to improve sustainability.


Provide a clear and user-friendly view of the overall rural touristic market.

Offer a trip-planning, booking and payment gateway platform for rural tourists.

Provide a reliable and certified marketplace.



Encourage self-production of food at a low energy cost


AgriAdventures Sustainability


  • Benefits for rural business (agriculture and tourism)
  • Business expansion off the Cities
  • More entrepreneurial opportunities


  • Benefits for the rural communities
  • Opportunities for underdeveloped areas
  • Locally produced food


  • Less natural resources exploitation
  • More sustainable businesses

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